she's a threadhead


E.A. DOUGLAS is a 20-something craft-wench. Her creative aspirations involve a lot of thread, fabrics, haberdasheries, and poking herself with needles ranging in bluntness. While not tittering about in a poorly lit basement in Toronto, E.A. DOUGLAS spends her time in sunny parks, the darkroom or just, meandering.

This blahg is a platform for E.A. DOUGLAS’ various creations. Particularly her experiments in the realm of embroidery, cross-stitching and needlework. Visitors are encouraged to be inspired by her work, and any questions or requests can be made via CONTACT.  Collaborations and commissions are always welcome.

Everything shared here is imagined and brought to life by E.A. DOUGLAS unless otherwise stated.


3 Comments on “WHO IS THIS?”

  1. Thanks for stopping by The Keeper of Stories. I have been looking around your blog and particularly like your original style in photography – nice job

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