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Thanks for all of the hilarious responses to my work-in-progress post. I’ve been cracking up every time I get notifications on my phone. Keep ’em coming! I’ll share the project again soon.

So, that I could start that beautifully blobby project, I had to first ORDER THE MATERIALS. That’s right folks, with the completion of Lumyhna’s birth chart – I have officially used up all of my stash. I feel like balloons should pop up whenever I say that. From here on out, I’m going to be buying canvases specifically for each project. This means that I spend a lot of time waiting around for things to arrive, but it also means I can review more companies! Hurray!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.54.40 PM

Today I’m going to be reviewing the services of Stitch-It Central, a Canadian store that ships worldwide. I had the chance to talk to both Maria on the phone, and she seemed perfectly lovely. There were some minor issues – they did not have one of the products I wanted AND my credit card took a few tries to be processed. I also had to wait a bit longer than I expected – 13 days – but, there was a long weekend in the middle of that time.

When my order did come, these were the two lovely fabrics which arrived. The previously seen 18 count Aida in Navy and a beautiful 25 count Lugana in Wedgwood.

I have a lot of good things I had to say about this shopping experience. The selection Stitch-It Central has is huge, I have not had enough time to fully explore their website. The store is Canadian, which I like because I like supporting Canadian business and it means their prices are lower than US companies, plus the shipping is cheaper because you don’t have to deal with that pesky border issue. They also offer an email list which you can sign up for and they’ll send you coupons, you get $5 off just for signing up!

Maple-syrup-toonie-lovers should certainly consider ordering from Stitch-It Central. Our Eagle-loving-pals to the South might want to check it out as well! With the Loonie being so low right now, there might be extra savings!

Note: I did not use this opportunity to order floss from Stitch-It Central, because a neighborhood shop has recently started carrying DMC floss. More on that later.

Have you ordered from Stitch-It Central? What are your thoughts? Any other websites I should check out? I’ve already reviewed DeSerres &

Enjoy your weekend!



quiltstar 2

I’ve been exploring some new patterns in my sketchbook. They’ve started out as paintings, but I’m well aware that they will soon emerge as textile forms.

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Although has been on haitus, I still managed to pull together a few threadhead delights for the end of summer.

I’m really glad to be out in the working world, but I’m still sort of pissed off that my guidance counsellors never told me that I could get a degree in stitchin’, so, I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this insightful look into the Royal School of Needlework. It’s a little outdated, but nice for those of us on the wrong side of the pond.

While I was working in the working world this summer, I was very lucky to receive the opportunity to view the ¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. I took my kiddos there one rainy day, and it was the highlight of our trip. I personally appreciated the samples of beautiful 18th century embroidery and they were enthralled with the videos demonstrating the use of cochineal in dye processes. If you’re also on the wrong side of the pond, and close to Toronto before May 2016 – you should certainly make an effort to go and see it. The exhibition is included in the cost of visiting the Museum & on Tuesdays it’s free for Canadian post-secondary students.

Before I started working like crazy, I had a couple days to myself. I seized the opportunity to work on my commission, to hang out with a cute boy, and to visit the Textile Museum of Canada and see the exhibit Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol. It was pretty cool seeing some of Andy’s fabric prints in person, I enjoyed finding out about underappreciated female textile designers that fleshed out this historic time in the art world, such as the Folly Cove Designers and Zandra Rhodes. This exhibit is very inspiring, and I hope to go back with my sketchbook to capture some of the magic, as photography is forbidden. Although I’m not sure if that will happen as it closes the 4th of October!

If you’re not in London or Toronto, you can still avoid getting a cramps from winding all those bobbins by trying this new method of wrapping string around plastic cards. I would give it a shot, but… I don’t own a drill?

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I’m sorry folks, this is going to be a very hurried post. I’m on my way to catch a train, and I haven’t even packed. Well, I have packed my embroidery supplies but I doubt they’ll keep me dressed for three days.

Earlier this week I took a few moments to find a winner to my 300 followers giveaway, and the answer is -> lucky #11!
Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.34.47 PM

Which means…


That’s right. Congratulations to thecraftyflea! A lovely blogger from Portugal. Thanks to your beautiful memory of your cat, Pinóquio you can now craft kitties in many different ways!


Thanks to everyone who entered! Your cat names were all purrrfect.

What did you think of this giveaway? Do you think I should do more giveaways? Is it bad form to use thrifted craft books as giveaway prizes? Would anyone want some vintage cross stitch books? I have several I need to get rid of… Should I stop rambling and get ready for the train already?

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Untitled –E.A. Douglas, 2014.

“Every true artist is the salvation of every other. Only artists produce for each other a world that is fit to live in.” – D. H. L.

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In light of the recent news about Michael’s, I thought now was as best of time as any to share my recent experience of I did a similar review of DeSerres, when I ordered thread for my first Christmas stocking.


To begin, my need to order a large stash of supplies came from my recent commission. Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t truly aware of how large the aida canvas was going to be, I ordered based on the dimensions that were listed in the pattern. This is’s biggest strength, the website is designed for people who craft. You can easily navigate through their selection of fabrics to find the correct thread count and size. Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.36.42 AM

I also ordered over 50 DMC threads, in specific colours as needed for the project. was great for this too, as their Thread tab has a convenient DMC Floss Quick Ordering bar which allows you to add individual colours and their quantities without having to browse through the entire catalogue.
Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.41.09 AM

While these online conveniences are fantastic for individuals who need a variety of canvas sizes and thread colours. This shopping experience did have some drawbacks. For one, is an American site and thus, all the prices are listed in US Dollars. I really have no right to complain about this, because it is very clearly indicated on the checkout form. However, I was still surprised when the charge appeared on my credit card as $10 more than the current CAD to USD conversion rate. I don’t know the value at which converts CAD to USD but it is clearly more than Google’s. With this price increase and shipping, the threads cost $0.97 each, which is expensive.

Finally, my biggest complaint about was the length of time for the delievery. I was very anxious to begin this project, because it is a commission. When I ordered from DeSerres it took 4 days to arrive, this is understandable because their warehouse is in Montréal. was shipping from Utah, and it took over two weeks. Again, I’m not sure if I have a right to complain about this because I knew they were an American company. But, when you’re anxious to get started on a project, waiting a long time for materials is the worst.

In conclusion, I don’t know if I’ll be ordering threads from again. I ended up having to wait a long time to pay more. However, unless I can find a Canadian seller of large canvases, I will probably from the site again.

Where do you get your stitchin’ supplies from? How does timing & cost effect your choices as a consumer? Any great reviews?

Have a great weekend!


This a poem that I wrote about/for Wednesday’s Sophisticated Boom Boom. The Sophisticated Boom Boom is Toronto’s only late night rock n’ roll poetry reading that takes place every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave.

Reading a poem is a challenging thing,
Do I want it to laugh? Do I want it to sing?
Should I be looking in beds for lines that are horny?
Or looking in fields for rhymes too corny?

And I’m searching for something that makes me feel right,
Word patterns that come in the pits of the night.
Or sentences which surface, hot in the shower,
and leave me in wonder after over an hour.

Forget about reading one of my own,
I’ll just share some Plath off of my phone.
But she’s so well known for her head in the oven,
I doubt the Boom Boom would be up for some Ariel lovin’.

I’ll pick out a sonnet by one of the Greats,
e.e. cummings, bp Nichol or maybe some Yeats?
Are these too obvious? I just don’t know,
fuck this. I’m done. I’ll stick with some Poe.

BUT what will they think with their beer glasses on?
Do I need to snap my fingers and break into song?
Should I lower my voice, or make it quite loud?
Will I feel better with my back to the crowd?

And if they get up to go for a drink
is it because they think that I stink?
Am I talking too fast as I mumble and blink?

So I’ll take a deep breath and read without fear,
and when it’s all over you can buy me a beer.

by E.A. Douglas

Have a great weekend!