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The last time I posted about this project, it was still in it’s infancy. I had a lot of fun reading folks’ guesses as to what it could be. Some people thought it could be a full moon – just in time for Hallowe’en, someone guessed it could be a minion and even a wheel of cheese! Followers of my Instagram figured it out pretty quick though, it is certainly a sunset.


This project was worked on 18 count Aida cloth in Navy, purchased from Stitch-It Central. The canvas has been swell to work with, although next time I may choose a lighter shade as stitching dark-on-dark is very tiring on the eyes.


The DMC colours used in this project were #791 (Cornflower Blue dark), #743 (Yellow medium), #742 (Tangerine light), #741 (Tangerine medium), #740 (Tangerine), #761 (Salmon light) and #793 (Cornflower Blue medium.) The threads were purchased from my LYS Eweknit, in Toronto, Ontario.


I had the most fun stitching the “sunset” portion of this piece. The gradient involved four shades of orangey-yellow. I wasn’t quite certain how this would turn out, as I made the pattern using MacStitch, and had no real-life samples of the threads to be sure. How do you think it turned out?


I know this image comes off as rather bland. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the project’s final form – I have a bit more tinkering to do.



It’s been an absurdly long time since I have shared progress on my stupidly large project. The piece involves 162, 500 stitches in over 50 colours. In order to not be burned out (and have this blahg be certifiably boring) I’m embracing the fact that this project will be with me for a long time.


It may not look like much, because it certainly does not feel like much. With all the white empty space looming beside my individual stitches, it is quite easy to be intimidated. I’ve been beating that monster down by attempting to dedicate an hour of stitching time a day to this specific piece. It’s not going so well, I’ve clocked 17 hours on it since September 1st. But, tracking my hours has forced me to be more conscious of my creative endeavours.


I must admit I do love taking pictures of this piece because it lets me truly see the image emerge.


And in comparison to the photo from the last time I posted, it looks like I’ve made a huge dent. And my photography skillz have improved too!

How are your big projects coming along? Any tricks for keepin’ the flames burnin’ over the long haul?


Although I have a stack of finishes, or almost-nearly-entirely-completely-finished finishes on my craft caddy, I thought it might get a bit boring if I only shared the projects that I completed whilst I was on hiatus.


This is one of the current canvases that I have hooped up. It is a custom commission for a friend and I’m pretty excited about it. So far I’ve used DMC #791 and #743 on 18 count Navy Aida. halfstitch asked recently, “which method of cross stitch do you use? The blob method or the parking method?” I answered with “Both.” Depending on the pattern for piece, one method always seems to work better. In this case, it’s the blob method. Look at those very unblobby, blobs!


Last time I posted a work-in-progress, someone on the cross stitch subreddit was annoyed because I wouldn’t say what it was supposed to be. Well, poo-poo on that. I like surprises.

Can you guess what these blobs will emerge as? Internet high fives to whoever gets it right.

Bonus points for most interesting answer!


Believe it or not, it’s been a month since I last posted about my commission. I feel like the past four weeks have been very productive and that is visible in the photograph, below.


Here’s last month’s picture, for dramatic effect.


On Saturday I finished the first page of the pattern – one down, 36 more to go, and I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic. I recently treated myself to a second DMC bin just for the threads from this project. It’s made a huge difference in the amount of time I spend looking for the next colour, because they’re now organized numerically instead of by shade.

My mind is still being blown that it’s almost June. I swear NYE was like, last week? My latest theory is that it’s because I spend so much time on the internet that this year is flying by. What do you think?

How are your big projects going? How are you feeling about it?


You wanna know what my biggest complaint about being a dedicated threadhead is? My time is so organized with projects, I am losing the ability to be spontaneous. While these past few days I have appreciated my own dedicated to reach creative goals, I’ve also realized how bored I am. It’s a teetering balance.

IMG_1847 This weekend I took “time off” to play around, and I think I may be making another badge.IMG_1854

We’ll see if it will ever get finished with the piles of aida cloth already stacked up.

What kind of projects do you take on when you’re feeling bored? Have you made any pieces to shake up you’re regular stitching routine? I’d love to see them!


I am a collector. I hold on to ticket stubs and scraps of paper in notebooks, I stack abandoned craft supplies along the wall in my room, I still own jewelry that was given to me when I was six. But more than these material items, I delight in amassing quotes.

And lately, I’ve been comin’ across some good ones. While I’m not exactly sure what to do with all these solid little sayings… I have a project in the works for one of them.

Not too long ago I shared this Thoreau poem and I expected that that would be the end of it. Until, I came across this table napkin in my stash, and the colourful grid sang out to me.

Copying the statement with a fabric marker, I have began to stitch it out. I am really enjoying using up a bit of “unknown” thread from stash box.

There’s a potential bigger scheme ahead for this piece when it’s finished, but we’ll see how it all comes out in the wash, especially that fabric marker!

What’s your favourite quote? Do you have any special sayings stitched up?


I know things have been a little bit more quiet around here than usual. There’s one huge reason why.

Almost two months ago now, someone very close to me requested that I make an embroidery for someone very close to them. They wanted something “earthy.” We went back and forth for a few days, and decided on a pattern from Etsy. I ordered the pattern, and placed an online order for the canvas and all of the different coloured threads, and wasn’t too worried about it.


Then the goods arrived. The aida cloth was huge. Bigger than anything I’d ever tried to stitch before, bigger than my goddaughter. But it was too late, as far as I know you can’t return craft supplies. And I had already paid for an absurdly sized cross stitch .pdf. So, I started working on it… a little. At 30′ by 36′ this project doesn’t really fit into my travel bag.


The dimensions of this piece are intimidating. So much so, that for a while there I wasn’t crafting. I justified it by being busy with work and self-publishing, but I know stitching is my one true love and I was pushing it aside. To be honest, I felt guilty working on anything else. Despite the fact that I have a lot of other projects to-do for the upcoming months, some that I am very excited about!


Then, a few days ago Kate at PDX Stitch posted about a large X-Files project that she’s been working on, and I was motivated by her commitment to her work. The next day I sat down and I really started to stitch away at the canvas.

I am going to make an effort to post about this project at least once a month, if only so that you’ll support me as I work through 162,500 stitches in 54 colours. Luckily the person who commissioned it loves me, so they’re okay with the wait.

What’s the largest project you’ve ever stitched? Do you have any techniques for keepin’ at it? Or any words of encouragement?