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As most fans of douglust know, I moved this summer. It was a big transition. I’d lived in that house for two years, and I believe that my creative soul flourished with all that space and such interesting people. After moving, I was feeling sentimental. Toronto has been my home for nearly seven years and in that time I’ve lived in 4 houses and with almost 50 people. I need to a way to commemorate this time and those houses as I continue to wander through life.


I designed this project in response to that need. Toronto’s iconic street signs have always cheered me up. They’re unusually shaped, and vary in colour throughout the neighborhoods.


The first version that I did of this project was with DMC 310 on 14 count Aida fabric. In the process of stitching I loved how it came together, fulfilling my sentimental needs. When the project was finished I wasn’t too sure what to do with it. I resulted to gluing it to a piece of cardstock, which ended poorly. I really don’t like how the fabric warps as it folds around the rectangle shape.


The second version of this project I completed using DMC 310 again, however this time it was on 10 count plastic canvas. I adore how this turned out. Being able to cut away the excess plastic makes the street sign even cuter!

I have high-apple-pie hopes of whipping up a few more of these bad boys for my old roomies, but, alas the plastic canvas is slightly difficult to work with (it only fits smaller needles, which are a lot more pokey) and the progress is slow.
If any fans of the Big Smoke want to make their own version, the pattern is now up for grabs in my new Etsy shop. Which will be in development over the next few months! No, I’m not a huge fan of Etsy, but with the amount of time I dedicate to designing and creating patterns, I feel it’s justified to have a space to attempt to sell them. If only to keep folks from copying my work.

Have you made a project to commemorate a home? Share it with me!