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Thanks for all of the hilarious responses to my work-in-progress post. I’ve been cracking up every time I get notifications on my phone. Keep ’em coming! I’ll share the project again soon.

So, that I could start that beautifully blobby project, I had to first ORDER THE MATERIALS. That’s right folks, with the completion of Lumyhna’s birth chart – I have officially used up all of my stash. I feel like balloons should pop up whenever I say that. From here on out, I’m going to be buying canvases specifically for each project. This means that I spend a lot of time waiting around for things to arrive, but it also means I can review more companies! Hurray!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.54.40 PM

Today I’m going to be reviewing the services of Stitch-It Central, a Canadian store that ships worldwide. I had the chance to talk to both Maria on the phone, and she seemed perfectly lovely. There were some minor issues – they did not have one of the products I wanted AND my credit card took a few tries to be processed. I also had to wait a bit longer than I expected – 13 days – but, there was a long weekend in the middle of that time.

When my order did come, these were the two lovely fabrics which arrived. The previously seen 18 count Aida in Navy and a beautiful 25 count Lugana in Wedgwood.

I have a lot of good things I had to say about this shopping experience. The selection Stitch-It Central has is huge, I have not had enough time to fully explore their website. The store is Canadian, which I like because I like supporting Canadian business and it means their prices are lower than US companies, plus the shipping is cheaper because you don’t have to deal with that pesky border issue. They also offer an email list which you can sign up for and they’ll send you coupons, you get $5 off just for signing up!

Maple-syrup-toonie-lovers should certainly consider ordering from Stitch-It Central. Our Eagle-loving-pals to the South might want to check it out as well! With the Loonie being so low right now, there might be extra savings!

Note: I did not use this opportunity to order floss from Stitch-It Central, because a neighborhood shop has recently started carrying DMC floss. More on that later.

Have you ordered from Stitch-It Central? What are your thoughts? Any other websites I should check out? I’ve already reviewed DeSerres &

Enjoy your weekend!