she's a threadhead


Oh my. What a whirlwind of a time I’ve been having! After working my tail off for a company for the past few months, this weekend I was unceremoniously let go. It’s rather heartbreaking – I loved working there, loved the staff. But, the management made their choices and because I’ve been working as a “casual employee” I have no rights. It’s a total bummer. But, luckily, I’ve been able to console myself with my embroidery.

And LUCKILY LUCKILY, this city is filled with beautiful people, who love handmade things. One of whom, commissioned a birth chart similar to the one that I made my goddaughter.


This birth chart was made using both cross stitch and back stitches, taken legally from a variety of online resources. IMG_2311

The canvas used was 18 count Aida in Navy, purchased from Maria at Stitch-It Central. The thread used was DMC Ecru purchased in-store from EweKnit in Toronto, Ontario.


Similar to the previous birth chart I’ve made, the information include the child’s name, birth date, height and weight at the time of birth. As well, I included the weekday rhyme from A. E. Bray’s Traditions of Devonshire and the star sign, month’s flower and stone as well as the designation in the Chinese Zodiac.

IMG_2307The creatures included in this birth chart are little owls perched on a branch, sparrows swooping down in flight and busy little hummingbirds. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching the sparrows and hummingbirds, although I found the owls quite taxing and the visual effect was not as pleasing as I hoped. I doubt I will reuse the motif in the future.


Similar to the previous birth chart I made, this piece was hand sewn over two dowels. This method is very effective for larger wall hangings.

Please let me know what you think – particularly about the owls! The customer was more than pleased, but he doesn’t know needlework like you folks do! 

If you’re interested in commissioning your own birth chart, send me a message using the “Contact” page. My rate for the custom design & execution of these birth charts is very reasonable! 

OK – I’m back to filling out job applications, joy.



Sometimes, I’m not perfect. Sometimes, I have a big idea and I jump a head. Sometimes, I spend hours working on something and it all comes to naught.


This is a passport cover I made prior my European travels. Isn’t it pretty? Wouldn’t it have been lovely to flash at all of the border patrol?


Alas, in my haste to get the stitch work done in time I didn’t accurately measure the size of my passport. The night prior my departure I bought a passport case and painted some stripes on it, it was not at all pretty.

I’ve stored this piece of stitchery in my craft cubby, for a day when I’m feeling particularly inspired. Maybe a pattern like this?



Sorry for the lousy picture, folks. I am currently on a high speed train across the Ontario countryside to a mid-week getaway in Ottawa.

I had a real post planned out, but I accidentally left a 90s pop song playing on my computer and I am afraid to open it on the train and frighten the elderly couples surrounding us. Instead, I’ll share with you a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-tights shot of my traveling embroidery kit, with an abstract WIP on the left.

This two-tiered tiffin has served as my traveling needlework case for a year now. I love the fact that it holds my embroidery scissors, floss, needles and small canvases in one space. Generally, if my project is petite enough I use the lower portion to collect all of my thread trimmings and store the rest of my tools in the top.

I don’t know if its because it is a shiny silver lunch box, or that I am a twenty three year old who likes to cross stitch on the subway but together we’ve garnered a spectrum of curious on-lookers.

How do you store your craft on the go?




It’s the second day of October… and I have a test tomorrow…

Folks, I’ll be honest with you – I am not digging school this time around. I have less than a year before I’ll graduate, but I have no interest in studying. Boo, hoo. Maybe the motivation fairy will drop by and reward me with baked goods???

In other news, this a work-in-progress that I’ve been preoccupying my (potential studying) hours with. It’s a super fun project without a pattern and without a goal, just stitch it out!


Scan 22
Scan 21

I spent some time today fooling around with the art supplies at work. What resulted was some interesting shapes and shades that were organic and unexpected. It was a good activity to focus purely on creating, and push the worry of “Will it be good?” aside for the moment. I’m not too fond of the streaks which come with markers, I’d much prefer to use pencil crayons. As for the second piece, I love the whole mod feel of it, but I hate the colours! Remember when pink and brown was a thing?



Isn’t she a beauty?

I found this piece while poking around Etsy searching for clues on how to create a needlepoint pattern. I love the use of colour blocking in the composition, which allows the work to be homey while being modern and not too kitschy. Not to mention the bright primary colours, her wonderful dress and that bowl of fruit/yarn. Truly a masterpiece!

The shop that she comes from has a wonderful array of vintage housewares. Including a collection of Heloise’s Housekeeping books which if I wasn’t forbidding myself from shopping online for the rest of the month, would be on their way to my house.

Happy weekend!