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Do you remember that little lion I embroidered last winter? You probably don’t. He was based off a sheet that I got in a box of patterns, which I purchased at a yard sale for a loonie.

I made him because I had been sitting in a funk. A funk that originated from being overwhelmed by the big project. At that point in time I had been avoiding stitching all together. I needed something small that would remind me of how much I loved this craft. And he did a great job!

Although, when the piece was finished I had no plans for it. So, our little lion was tucked away in the craft caddy and was never seen again.

BUT THEN, this summer, I was looking after a little fellow who was celebrating his first birthday. I wanted to give him something handmade but did not have time to hand make something… until I was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Within a single stitching session I added the little guy’s name to the piece, as well as his birth date. It’s not as fancy as the birth chart that I made Lumyhna, but is just as fitting because this kid’s room is animal themed.

Needless to say his Momma loved it! It’s currently hanging on the bedroom wall. I hope when this little lion man grows up, he knows how much I delighted in spending time with him.
I am glad this project worked out, and that this lion got a home. This experience has taught me not to disregard any of the pieces I am working on, even if I don’t have a plan for them while I stitch away. Loving homes will always be found.

Have you made a baby gift recently? I feel like children are 90% of the people I stitch for. Have you ever added details to a piece after it was finished? Do you worry that it might be a lousy thing to do?  Let me know!


13 Comments on “FOR MAX”

  1. lagrancostanza says:

    Aw, that’s so cute! It’s a great gift, and I don’t think it matters at all that it was “repurposed” so to speak. The time and love that went into this piece stay the same after all!

  2. Definitely not a lousy thing to do! I think it is perfect. Craft can become a stick we beat ourselves with if we set too many deadlines. This way you can stitch for the pleasure of it and then personalise to make a really special gift. Everyone wins!

  3. STH says:

    I like the idea of stitching things up as the spirit moves you, then getting them out later and personalizing them to be a gift. Anything that reduces gift deadline stress is a good thing. And there are lots of people who buy gifts ahead and then keep them on hand for when a gift-giving occasion comes around; this is certainly more personal than that!

  4. patchesmany says:

    Cute.mi don’t think I have ever stitched a baby gift. I have stitched for my son, he’s 5. I made a monster that helps keep nightmares away.

  5. katekemp2804 says:

    All I seem to do is make things for babies and children! Several baby knits on the go at the moment, none of which are for me, even though I’m due in January. Behind schedule, as usual!

    • eadouglas says:

      Congratulations! I’m sure the winter holidays will leave you with free time to knit for your wee one, right?? I don’t have any of my own kiddos, just my goddaughter who I live with, but yeah, my life is mostly baby stitching!

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