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Although I have a stack of finishes, or almost-nearly-entirely-completely-finished finishes on my craft caddy, I thought it might get a bit boring if I only shared the projects that I completed whilst I was on hiatus.


This is one of the current canvases that I have hooped up. It is a custom commission for a friend and I’m pretty excited about it. So far I’ve used DMC #791 and #743 on 18 count Navy Aida. halfstitch asked recently, “which method of cross stitch do you use? The blob method or the parking method?” I answered with “Both.” Depending on the pattern for piece, one method always seems to work better. In this case, it’s the blob method. Look at those very unblobby, blobs!


Last time I posted a work-in-progress, someone on the cross stitch subreddit was annoyed because I wouldn’t say what it was supposed to be. Well, poo-poo on that. I like surprises.

Can you guess what these blobs will emerge as? Internet high fives to whoever gets it right.

Bonus points for most interesting answer!


15 Comments on “WIP – BLOBS”

  1. Kate D. says:

    I’m guessing that it is going to be a moon or night sky kind of thing, maybe for Halloween? Alternate guess: a gigantic wheel of cheese.

  2. emmazocco says:

    A moon with a werewolf underneath? 🙂 that would be cool!

  3. Hehe, anything yellow makes me think of Minions!!

  4. qqxx says:

    Could be an upside down and then it would look like a bowl

  5. Waffu says:

    Don’t know why…but I’m thinking The Pac-Man.

  6. “Well, poo-poo on that. I like surprises.” <<– love it

  7. […] last time I posted about this project, it was still in it’s infancy. I had a lot of fun reading folks’ guesses as to what it could be. Some people thought it […]

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