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Thank you for all of the love & support over the past few months.
It is with great pleasure that I bring this stitchy site back to life.



The greatest thing that has happened in my 20’s is the birth of my goddaughter Lumyhna. Her Mama, Bethany, is one of my oldest friends. Thanks to the summer shuffle, the three of us now share a home and before my world turned topsy-turvy, I finished this birth chart for Lulu.


I designed the pattern myself, in MacStitch, and utilized vintage books that are legally shared online.


Beth has an ethereal love of mystical creatures, which I am sure she will pass onto her daughter. So, I included blackwork-style pegai, fairies and dragons to break up the information.


I’ve always had a thing for horoscopes as well as the rhymes and trinkets associated with one’s birthday. This way Lulu will have all of her information in one pretty place as she gets older.

For this project I used 14 count Aida fabric and DMC floss from my stash. The colour of the thread varies slightly after Lumyhna’s name – I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures – this is because I am using up all my “unknown” threads before I buy more.

This piece is the first that I’ve finished as a scroll (or “bellpull”), and I truly love how it turned out! I followed this tutorial by reddit user /u/geekitty and fully recommend you do the same. I purchased the dowel at the hardware store for $.99, and painted it white to match the stitches. Protip: Hold onto the dowel using clothespins while painting, this keeps them from rolling away and allows the paint to dry evenly.


If you’re interested in commissioning a birth chart for your own baby or a friend’s, shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. My rate per birth chart is $75 CAD (plus shipping, but if you live in Toronto I’ll hand deliver it for free. Ha.) and they take 4 – 6 weeks to complete.

What do you think of this baby birth chart? Have you made a sampler for a little loved one?


6 Comments on “FOR LUMYHNA”

  1. Gorgeous! So much detail!

  2. nkneedlework says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Very nice work

  3. […] project, I had to first ORDER THE MATERIALS. That’s right folks, with the completion of Lumyhna’s birth chart – I have officially used up all of my stash. I feel like balloons should pop up whenever I […]

  4. […] to the piece, as well as his birth date. It’s not as fancy as the birth chart that I made Lumyhna, but is just as fitting because this kid’s room is animal […]

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