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I’m sure dedicated followers of douglust have caught on that my offline life has become a bit chaotic. At the moment, I’m homeless, and working less hours than I expected. Don’t be alarmed, all of my stuff is safely in storage and I will be crashing with friends until I get into my new place later this month.

Due to the fact that my creative supplies are in boxes in my friend’s warehouse, I am unable to keep up-to-date with I promise to use this downtime to focus on my commission, and anyone who is seriously upset by this news can follow me on Instagram. Other than that, I’ll see you on the other side of this adventure, with plenty of stitchy stories to share!


14 Comments on “HIATUS”

  1. Kate D. says:

    Oh no! I hope the chaos gets under control soon! Sending some good vibes your way.

  2. Noddfacrafts says:

    Good luck with the new place. Keep crafting, planning ,dreaming. I love mantras Get this one “failure to plan is planning to fail!”

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks. Unfortunately, being homeless is all part of the plan. By couchsurfing I am able to save several hundred dollars in rent. While it stinks not having my stuff to stitch, I’m happy I am not going into debt with this move.

  3. Best of luck with your new place. I hope you manage to get everything sorted 🙂

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks. I’m ecstatic to be moving into an “above ground” apartment, hopefully the joy of a new place will radiate through my pictures.

  4. Ginny says:

    I hope that everything calms down for you and you can get back to some normalcy. Good luck with the move to your new place.

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks, I cannot wait until I have my new place set up and I can get back to my normal stitchy life.

  5. pen2needle says:

    Sorry to read about your situation. Hope things clear up soon. Good luck with the move!

  6. Waffu says:

    Best of luck to you and hope your situation improves. You never know what your path may take you, you know.

  7. Amanda G says:

    Good luck and hope the transition is smooth and peaceful!!

  8. Artnunymiss says:

    Hey, this message is really just for you. No need to actually post it. I just wanted to say that being a threadhead can pay the bills. I am also homeless and disabled, living in my camper van. Recently someone commissioned me to make a large embroidered piece on a “money is no object, do whatever you want” basis. SERIOUSLY, that happened. I’ll post the final pics once I ship it. Be open to magic, is all I’m saying.

    In the process of doing her piece, I was flooded with ideas for how to make money stitching. In your case, I bet people would pay you to stitch up their kids’ drawings. Just an idea!

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