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Believe it or not, it’s been a month since I last posted about my commission. I feel like the past four weeks have been very productive and that is visible in the photograph, below.


Here’s last month’s picture, for dramatic effect.


On Saturday I finished the first page of the pattern – one down, 36 more to go, and I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic. I recently treated myself to a second DMC bin just for the threads from this project. It’s made a huge difference in the amount of time I spend looking for the next colour, because they’re now organized numerically instead of by shade.

My mind is still being blown that it’s almost June. I swear NYE was like, last week? My latest theory is that it’s because I spend so much time on the internet that this year is flying by. What do you think?

How are your big projects going? How are you feeling about it?


22 Comments on “THE BIG ONE”

  1. Mrs P says:

    My goodness your commission is coming on a treat 🙂 I sure know what you mean about time slipping past a few more weeks and it will be the summer solstice …how ?? where did the time go ??????

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks! Is it summer solstice that the days start getting shorter? Because I feel like Spring just hit Toronto… it’s too soon to give it up.

  2. jessicacrafts says:

    Wow. That is a lot of pages! I’ve only done one cross stitch so far and that was 1 page. But the next one is 6 I think and that seems massive to me!

    • eadouglas says:

      Yeah, the biggest one I’ve done before this was 8 pages. I think you can either build up to a huge piece, or just dive in. Clearly, I took the latter route.

  3. Oh my, that’s a lot of work! So far I’ve only made small ones, but I would love to try something bigger with more details, like yours.

  4. I like to have some smalls around to break up the larger ones – altho my “large” being Mirabilia is small compared to your 30+ pages!
    @alavenderpeach the beauty of those Frosted Pumpkin (and Lizzie*Kate) is that you can break it down into Smalls, but you end up with a very decent sized sampler.

  5. yarnya says:

    Beautiful commission so far! And the year is flying by way too fast. I want to hit pause and enjoy the sun for a while longer.

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks! I totally know what you mean, the biggest downside of the huge project is that I can’t bring it to the park on sunny days.

      • yarnya says:

        I know exactly what you mean there! I’m making a blanket at the moment … the squares I could take out with me, but now I’m on the border – it’s strictly home crafting as it’s too big. But that just means you need another (smaller) project on the go for days out 🙂

  6. kieravanella says:

    Wow!! I admire your commitment to such a big project!

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks, it’s really nice to have a steady project to come home to. It sort of feels like a cat, or living with my boyfriend.

  7. Waffu says:

    Really glad you’re feeling optimistic about this now. Congrats on one page down. It looks great. I can’t believe it’s been a month too. I swear it feels like you just mentioned this commission. Time is going fast. Someone once told me it’s due to age. The older you get the faster time goes. Well…it was something like that. At the time, I agreed with the statement, I remember. In my late teens and early 20’s time went by much slower. Then again, it might have been the result of college years. Now, I’m saying the same thing as you.

    “I can’t believe June’s almost here.”

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