she's a threadhead


You wanna know what my biggest complaint about being a dedicated threadhead is? My time is so organized with projects, I am losing the ability to be spontaneous. While these past few days I have appreciated my own dedicated to reach creative goals, I’ve also realized how bored I am. It’s a teetering balance.

IMG_1847 This weekend I took “time off” to play around, and I think I may be making another badge.IMG_1854

We’ll see if it will ever get finished with the piles of aida cloth already stacked up.

What kind of projects do you take on when you’re feeling bored? Have you made any pieces to shake up you’re regular stitching routine? I’d love to see them!


6 Comments on “WIP – BADGE #4”

  1. heypaula21 says:

    I adore huge projects – the bigger the better.. but that can indeed lead to the stitching doldrums along the way! Usually when that happens I switch to another project – different theme, different colors, maybe a different technique. (I know there are people who stitch a single project at a time, but that is definitely NOT me!) If that doesn’t work, then switching off again to something small like an ornament usually does the trick. If not, then I just go with it and read or knit or crochet for a bit until the mojo comes back.

    • eadouglas says:

      Right, but do you normally plan out what the next project will be? I have a to-do list three miles long, but that doesn’t leave any space for random projects.

  2. I switch around; I signed up to a Smalls SAL so that encourages me to take a break from one of the larger projects.

    • eadouglas says:

      Interesting! I think it’s really cute that the stitching community has SALs dedicated to small projects. Do you plan in advance what you’ll be stitching next? Or do you decide once you’ve finished a piece?

  3. I do have a to do list but I too recently learned the importance of allowing time to just play. I guess we will just have to put that on the to do list too….schedule time to be spontaneous! Hmm!

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