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I know things have been a little bit more quiet around here than usual. There’s one huge reason why.

Almost two months ago now, someone very close to me requested that I make an embroidery for someone very close to them. They wanted something “earthy.” We went back and forth for a few days, and decided on a pattern from Etsy. I ordered the pattern, and placed an online order for the canvas and all of the different coloured threads, and wasn’t too worried about it.


Then the goods arrived. The aida cloth was huge. Bigger than anything I’d ever tried to stitch before, bigger than my goddaughter. But it was too late, as far as I know you can’t return craft supplies. And I had already paid for an absurdly sized cross stitch .pdf. So, I started working on it… a little. At 30′ by 36′ this project doesn’t really fit into my travel bag.


The dimensions of this piece are intimidating. So much so, that for a while there I wasn’t crafting. I justified it by being busy with work and self-publishing, but I know stitching is my one true love and I was pushing it aside. To be honest, I felt guilty working on anything else. Despite the fact that I have a lot of other projects to-do for the upcoming months, some that I am very excited about!


Then, a few days ago Kate at PDX Stitch posted about a large X-Files project that she’s been working on, and I was motivated by her commitment to her work. The next day I sat down and I really started to stitch away at the canvas.

I am going to make an effort to post about this project at least once a month, if only so that you’ll support me as I work through 162,500 stitches in 54 colours. Luckily the person who commissioned it loves me, so they’re okay with the wait.

What’s the largest project you’ve ever stitched? Do you have any techniques for keepin’ at it? Or any words of encouragement?


23 Comments on “COMMISSION”

  1. Carole says:

    It’s massive yes, but you’ve made a brilliant start on it 🙂

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping to pick up the pace now that I’m committed. I feel sad that it’s been two months and I haven’t yet finished the first page of the pattern.

      • Carole says:

        I’m doing a project that is very large compared to what I normally do and am barely past the first page. I think I started it about two months ago too, although I do only have eight pages to do so not a massive endeavour 🙂

  2. Stitch Boom Bang says:

    I spent three years on an Iron Maiden cross stitch. The end result is always worth it, but I did drink a lot of wine to get through it.

  3. Mrs P says:

    WOW what else is there to say ❤

  4. thegreytail says:

    that’s impressive! I don’t think I’ve ever stitched something so big but I definitely will! gotta get a lot of stuff on the finished pile first, though! 😀

    • eadouglas says:

      It’s certainly a big step in stitching! However, I hope to continue adding to my finished pile while working on this piece.

  5. WIP Wednesday motivates me. I love having something to show off! And that gives you progress shots, so more motivation!

  6. Waffu says:

    Wah! I can only imagine the surprise that ran through you. This is quite the project you have. I love big projects. I’ve learned it does help to switch it up. You know, have a side stitch project so you don’t burn out. You can do it though. It’s just one cross at a time and your progress right now looks like a great start. Imagine what it’ll look like when it’s finished and know that yeah…you stitched it. Total boss stitch status. (^_^)

    • eadouglas says:

      I do have several things on the go, it’s just so hard not abandoning this monstrosity in order to finish those. But yeah, with due diligence I will one day finish this project, and be an amazing human being for it!

  7. Wow!! Probably the largest is the one I’m doing at the moment but it’s no where near that big! Bravo!

  8. Kate D. says:

    I am so happy that I was an inspiration for you! I think that doing progress shots is a big motivator, especially looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. You can do it!

  9. […] begin, my need to order a large stash of supplies came from my recent commission. Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t truly aware of how large the aida canvas was going to be, […]

  10. Christina says:

    Let’s motivate each other! I’m also working on a large piece for someone else 🙂 You have great progress so far! Can’t wait to see what it is.

  11. […] it or not, it’s been a month since I last posted about my commission. I feel like the past four weeks have been very productive and that is visible in the photograph, […]

  12. solundir says:

    Wow! That is impressive! And I relate to wanting to work on more manageable projects instead:) I’m looking forward to seeing the progress!

  13. […] been an absurdly long time since I have shared progress on my stupidly large project. The piece involves 162, 500 stitches in over 50 colours. In order to not be burned out (and have […]

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