she's a threadhead


One of the reasons that I’ve been so quiet here lately is because things have been very busy in my offline life. Earlier this year I was contacted by an acquaintance asking if I would be interested in helping with an erotica zine she was putting together.

At first, I was a little bit unsure. While I do have experience editing and making zines, sexuality can be a very sensitive topic. I am a part of a diverse community, and my understanding of that, recognizes that my view point, that of a heterosexual, white woman, is frequently portrayed in media. Was it really worthwhile for me to share my experiences?

After some thinkin’, and some drinkin’, I figured I should give it a try. If anything my experience making and selling the Sophisticated Boom Boom Zines 1 & 2 would be useful. I am so glad that I went for it!
Milkweed has been the vessel for some very interesting art projects, and has pushed me to communicate with my community about what gets us all off. Submissions close next week (April 30), so if you’ve got anything to smutty share – you’re welcome to send it to us at


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