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I’ve got that Spring itch.

Maybe it’s all the sunshine we’ve been having. Maybe it’s the fact that my closest friends are once again all within the cities boundaries. Maybe it is because I finally replaced my bicycle and flying down city streets has lifted my spirits. Whatever it is, I cannot sit still.

Due to this irregular impatience, I spent sometime last week taking apart and recrafting the t-shirt rug that’s been progressing over time. As it was, the rag rug had several issues.

Most important was that the rug had several spots which were bumpy and wouldn’t lay flat, this is because it was worked in a circular pattern. Generally, I am okay with accepting little mistakes which come along with handmade goods, however, these bunches proved to be quite a problem whenever my goddaughter was around. She’ll be two in May, and her shimmy step that has her gliding around my apartment made the rug a tripping hazard.

As well, I’ve put in a lot of hours collecting, cutting and repurposing old t-shirts into this rug. I want it to be something that I carry with me from home to home. If this rug is going to have a long lifespan, I have to be happy with the final outcome.


It took me almost two weeks to pull apart and re-make this rug, but I’m really happy with it’s current state of being. The rug’s new measurements are 38″ by 72″, making it large enough for me to lay on.


I plan on continuing this project as I collect more t-shirts. I plan on hitting many yard sales this summer in order to keep costs low. It’s also a great feeling knowing that I am keeping textiles out of the landfill. I’ve been using the ends of the salvaged t-shirts as pillow stuffing, but that’s another post!

Have a happy Earth Day! Are you working on any projects that involve recycled consumables? Any particularly “green” pieces in your portfolio?


5 Comments on “REDO”

  1. Noddfacrafts says:

    You have loads more patience than I do! I tend to put things away for ever if they don’t quite work out. Well done.

  2. heypaula21 says:

    I love the rug! I also love the idea of saving textiles. I don’t have anything particularly green on the go at the moment, or even in my stash really. I am working on a couple of reclamation projects for my house though; I’m repurposing two different furniture pieces and if those projects go well, I’m sure there will be more of those sorts of projects in my future

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks, I’m really loving how the rug is turning out! Repurposing furniture sounds pretty green to me, “reusing” is one of the 3 Rs. It can be pretty challenging to keep an cautious eye on consumption, particularly when your hobby is to make things – it’s something I think about quite often.

  3. […] pillow last year. The stuffing that I used was also scraps. I cut up a remnant of a t-shirt used in my rag-rug and and filled it […]

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