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Have you ever had one of those afternoon where everything ends in a road block? You set out to be productive, and yet, nothing is yielded? The sort of day they sing about in the Friends theme song? Last week I had one of ’em. And it totally sucked.

After a morning which was spent buying the wrong coloured and lamenting that my parcel, containing the materials for my latest commission, had been lost by Canada Post. I seized what was left of my freetime and got down and dirty with a vintage cross stitch pattern. 48 hours later, and this is the result.

As for now, I have no idea what to do with this fellow. It is very rare these days that I create something that does not have a purpose from the beginning. However, stitching this piece got me out a funk and allowed me to use up some of my excess materials.


I know there have been sentiments shared before regarding the appearance of Aida cloth and how it frequently comes off as amateurish. I understand these viewpoints and have been encouraged lately to try my hand on linen, however, that is a different post. Part of the reason that I so thoroughly enjoyed stitching this piece was due to the 10 count Aida cloth. The squares are so big and cheerful, particularly in comparison to the 18 count I’ve been working with the last couple of weeks.

There are three more carousel creatures in the collection, which was designed by Carolyn E. Reenstra. But for now they’re back on my bookshelf for another set of the mean reds. …I just need to get a hold of more 10 ct. Aida – anyone up for a swap?

Do you have projects (big or small) that have pulled you out of a funk? What else do you do to get rid of the craftin’ blues?




7 Comments on “QUICK AND DIRTY”

  1. waffumonsta says:

    With cross stitching, I was in a horrible stank with Kitty Litter. I then went onto a new and bigger project! Since then, I guess starting something new…brings out the funk? This can apply to other projects, like the writing and coloring. I just do something a little different, a little new, and it brings me out.

  2. scoobyclue says:

    They can have my big amateurish aida cloth when they pry it from my cold dead hands … I am learning to do linen. By the way, I love lions, so awesome!

    • eadouglas says:

      Working with linen is intimidating! I’ve been experimenting with a few pieces I have been given but it will be a while before I order it for a project.

  3. heypaula21 says:

    The lion is adorable! Congrats on the finish!
    I know that there are people out there with a bias against Aida, but I’ve seen some really lovely work done on it. I think the stitching and composition make the piece more than the background fabric. While I definitely prefer to use linen or another evenweave, I’ll stitch on anything that I’ve got handy – I’m a junkie who needs my fix! 🙂
    Don’t let linen intimidate you – it’s still one x at a time. It definitely makes partial stitches and some specialty stitches easier. I admit, though, that my second piece when I started stitching again after college was TW’s Castle Sampler, which I bought kitted from an ad in the back of a magazine. I read through the instructions (which is a definite clue about how “new” I was after being away from needlework for so many years), then just went and started. I had no idea that I was “supposed to be” intimidated by a TW, by linen, by blended threads… I loved that piece from the first stitch. Unfortunately, it was a gift and I no longer have it, but I use it as a “don’t let the hype scare you” example :).

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