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I’ve been waiting ages to share this creation. I’m glad it has finally been delivered and this post can go to air!

When I found out that my friend Sarah was pregnant with Elizabeth, I wanted to make her a present that was sentimental, but also used up a bit of my stash. After poking around the internet for ideas, I decided to make her a needlepoint pillow for her nursery. While Sarah’s baby shower happened in October, I had to take a break from this project to focus all of my creative energy on Elizabeth’s stocking. In January, I finally finished the whole canvas and sewed it up.


This project was quite a learning experience. Although I’ve made one needlepoint pillow before, this canvas was much larger to work on. I began by printing out the lyrics of a popular children’s song and tracing them, using a Sharpie, onto the needlepoint canvas.

IMG_1611Then I used colourful yarn, also used for my flowered headband, to fill in the letters and the crescent moon, because this baby yarn is so thin, I had to use to strands per stitch (2 ply) in order to insure the proper coverage. The background yarn was much chunkier, so, I only used one strand per stitch. This led to a very interesting texture difference of the pillow.

IMG_1623After the canvas was fully stitched, I sewed it up using a simple envelope method. The backing fabric is also from my stash, I have no idea where it came from – I’ve been using a large portion of it as a tablecloth for years! It’s so pretty though, I knew it needed to find a better home. I’m also pretty impressed with myself, because the pillow form I used to stuff this cushion, I made out of recycled scraps of fabric.

PicMonkey Collage
Sarah was quite pleased with the pillow, and I’m happy her and Elizabeth will be able to enjoy it.

However, I do feel this project was a learning experience! Most importantly I’ve realized that pale colours on a cream background do not provide a strong platform for text-based pieces. There needs to be a defining line in order to make the message more readable, and allow the stitches to pop. As well, with my needlepoint, I feel the need to explore a variety of background stitches. Mostly because stitching thousands of tent stitches takes an amazing amount of time, but also so that different textures can be a highlight of the project.

How about you? Have you made any projects lately to use up your stash? Any needlepoint pillows which you’d like to share?



10 Comments on “SKINNAMARINK”

  1. Mrs P says:

    Beautiful, beautiful work, I’m not surprised you friend loves it xx

  2. It looks beautiful. What a lovely gift. I have made a few patterns with pastel lettering recently and trying to get the letters to stand out is the challenge! I resorted to a darker background – I found midnight blue the most effective contrast as it wasn’t too severe.

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks! I can certainly see how midnight blue would be a good companion to paler colours. My Grandma once mentioned using dark purples to enhance the appearance of brighter tones, which follows the same line thinking.

  3. Beth says:

    Wow that must have taken forever!

    • eadouglas says:

      I started it in July and finished it in January, so around just around seven months? It would’ve been completed much more faster if I hadn’t stopped to complete a few other projects.

  4. heypaula21 says:

    It’s a lovely pillow and something I’m sure she’ll keep for years! 🙂
    Most of my stitching this year is all about using up my stash. I haven’t made any hard and fast rules, but I have an embarrassingly large one and it’s time to stop “saving it for some day”!

    • eadouglas says:

      That’s such a good mindset to rid yourself of! While I feel that I’m pretty good about it, my family did experience the flipside of that habit when my great-grandmother passed away. Her house was filled with beautiful things we never got to experience because she was saving them “for best.”

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