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Last Sunday marked the victorious return of the Starving Artist Soup Kitchen. I’ve been doing these dinner parties on and off over the past year, and I was very excited to continue the evening into 2015.


We gathered in my basement living room here, in Toronto, Ontario. I made a slow-cooker beef stew and my favorite apple crumble. The party consisted of over twenty people, including my adorable god-daughter.


My dear friend Nick McKinlay shared with us some of his songs – old & new.


It was also Corey’s birthday, so he got a cake!

Overall, a magical evening. I feel lucky to be able to build up such a sharing community in this cold, dark city of ours. The night did take a lot out of me (including an entire Sunday) but I’m slowly pulling myself back together.

All of the images within this post were taken by Rebeccah Love & used with permission.




2 Comments on “STEW KITCHEN”

  1. heypaula21 says:

    It looks like a fun evening!

    • eadouglas says:

      It really was! Kind of a bummer that I didn’t get to spend the day stitching, although my friends are worth the sacrifice.

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