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There are lessons in life that I seemingly have to learn over and over – always make sure you have your keys before leaving the house, buy tokens as often as possible, never pass up the opportunity to use the restroom. This week, I re-learned a lesson that I’ve mostly been able to avoid. The old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.”

This project was designed and developed to be a present for a friend. I was so eager when I finished creating the pattern, that after carefully preparing the canvas and selecting the right colour thread, I forgot to orient myself on the fabric. When I guesstimated where the embroidery should begin, I threw off the entire pattern and lost valuable space to the left of my stitching. Total bummer!

When I finally admitted (to myself) that I had made a mistake, I had to take a night off to mourn the time lost. On Tuesday, I spent the majority of my day stitching up this pattern, again. I’m glad that I’ve finally lapped myself, but it is unfortunate to think how far along I’d be if I had paid more attention to detail. Alas, lesson learned!

What crafty lessons have you learned recently? Any big mistakes in your stitchistory that have taught you something valuable? How did you deal with the outcome? Did you start afresh or make it work?



13 Comments on “WIP – LESSONS”

  1. I consistently cut my fabric so small that my pattern barely fits; even when I use a fabric calculator :s so I fringe the edges as it’s the only finish that will work sometimes!

  2. Good Woman says:

    I feel for you. I would be so frustrated if that happened to me. I haven’t had this exact problem because I generally allow very large extra margins in the cut of my fabric. I figure I would rather have too much than not enough, and the cost of using extra fabric is minimal compared to the cost of my time. Since I recently finished a very large project, I cannot think of a new stitchy lesson that I have learned recently. But after spending a lot of money on having my very special piece framed, I decided that I need to be more frugal in my framing choices so I am starting to look at thrift shops for frames that are good as is or can be refinished. This is a link to my last big project:

    • eadouglas says:

      I’m all about the second hand frames! I’ve never had my work professionally finished, but I imagine it would be incredibly expensive. The most I’ve ever done is buy a “new new” frame from Target. And to be honest, the majority of my work is in frames that I find on the street!

  3. patchesmany says:

    I made a similar mistake recently. I miscue my fabric. Took me 3 days of stitching to figure it out. I restarted the project. I still have the other one. It is a hand dyed fabric. I will have to frog it out and use it on a different project. I’m not looking forward to frogging. It’s 32 count

  4. waffumonsta says:

    This has to be in the worse-scenario portion of the stitching handbook. I’m glad that you picked yourself up and went on to restarting it. I’ve not yet really had that big…UH OH…moment yet. When it comes, I hope I don’t had a psychotic break where I hear white noise, rip everything to shreds, and end up in the forest clutching the pieces and screaming “WHYYY!!”. ^_^

    • eadouglas says:

      I did have to take an evening off to mourn the project. I ended up watching Peter Pan with my roommates and it was very odd to be sitting still and not have something in my hands.

  5. kiotta says:

    Hallo, thank you for passing by! I made a mistake with my Fizzy Moon Kit, at the beginning of the stitchery I made a redundant stitch and all the pattern was different! So I had to start again, so disappointing! 😥

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