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A while back, my friend Nathalie posted her favorite Freaks and Geeks quote on Facebook. I am also a huge fan of the series – who doesn’t love a high school version James Franco and Jason Segel? As well, I’ve wanted to give cross-stitch pattern making a try, since I bought the MacStitch software on a whim, and need to start justifying the purchase. So, I offered to make her a stitch.


Nathalie is also a huge feline lover, she’s the only one of my friends who has made the pilgrimage to the Cat Café in Montreal, thus I added a pretty kitty to fill out the frame.


Once the stitch was complete, I backed it to fit a 5′ by 7” frame and I added a label. The upcycling of a blank postcard was super helpful here as the dimensions were already pre-cut.


The final piece before I delivered it to Nathalie yesterday, she was pretty thrilled with the result.

I was also pleased with the whole experience, so I’ve added a new section to Visit FREE PATTERNS for a .pdf download of the pattern! I plan on updating it regularly, and if you have any requests for patterns, email me using the CONTACT form.


2 Comments on “FOR NATHALIE”

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  2. tontaybla says:

    This is helpful I want to frame some of my old projects

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