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“Oh” Mike – E.A. Douglas, 2014

This image was taken using a KODAK FUN SAVER Single Use Camera. The images were processed by me (yay!) with the help of We Develop Film in Toronto, Canada.

I met Michael Freeman Badour a few years ago, when he knocked on the door and then decided to stick around. We were roommates for several years, through several interesting apartments. He’s not a guy I see a lot lot these days, but I hope that we’ll get opportunities to hang out more in the upcoming year.

Last year was kind of a big deal for Mike. He worked his butt off at thesis and was awarded the 2014 Medal for Drawing & Painting. He also co-formed the nomadic arts organization CARRIER, which puts on shows featuring emerging artists in a variety of spaces, including a room rented off of Air B’n’B, and a vacant basement apartment.

To check out more of Michael Freeman Badour’s paintings visit,
For more information about CARRIER, see


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