she's a threadhead


In the fashion of a modern Christmas miracle, I finished my biggest project of the year – the Christmas stocking – with several days to spare.

While I am not an overly experienced seamstress, I found the construction of the physical stocking to be doable with a fair bit of stitch ripping, and multiple deep breath sessions.

One of the best tricks that I figured out was when it came to developing the pattern for the back of the stocking. Instead of photocopying the template from the book and blowing it up (Which involves using photocopiers as if it were 1995?), I placed a piece of parchment paper over the embroidered work and created an outline, then I used the outline as a pattern. The stocking is also fully lined, and I even made a label!


Overall, I am so thrilled with how this stocking turned out. Time wise it took me a very dedicated 8 weeks to complete, but, it was worth each and every late night, when I was able to share this gift with some very dear friends. (And I made Elizabeth’s Momma cry!)


This is Elizabeth in her 1st Christmas outfit, with her Christmas stocking. This picture was taken by Sarah Newhouse and used with permission. If you’re interested in commissioning a holiday stocking for next year, please use the Contact page – I’d be more than interested!


8 Comments on “FOR ELIZABETH”

  1. Ginny says:

    Beautiful stocking! And a cute little girl.

  2. What a beautiful stocking, one that will be cherished for years to come. She’s a beautiful little girl. Well done for making your own template, it was a spark of genius!

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  5. crocheticipation says:

    Something for her to treasure always. It’s beautiful!

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