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It seems a bit late to do this, but I just sat down and went through all of my blahg posts of 2014. I’m one of those people who has a hard time remembering where they’ve come from and everything they have accomplished. I feel like I am always looking off into the future, and pushing myself to do more – I rarely stop to appreciate my successes.

In 2014, I was able to:
– host at least five dinner parties
– complete over twelve pieces of embroidery work, including the first piece I made out of a kit, three handmade badges, my passport cover, gifts for my family AND my first commission
– make & share nine collages
crochet a flower headband…
– & a rug (which is currently being blocked in the laundry room!!)
– collaborate with my best buds to make a zine
– sew three pillows
decorate my favorite spring jacket
create two scarves
– shoot seven rolls of film (I think?)

Not too shabby if you consider that this all happened while I finished my college diploma and put away a significant chunk of change – I’m pleased as punch.



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