she's a threadhead


It’s that time of year again to make resolutions to work out and feel guilty for eating all the chocolates. Appropriately, I finished the backstitching of this piece not too long ago. The magnet now lives on my fridge and “chirps” me whenever I go looking for sweets.

This project was part of a kit which I purchased at a thrift store, previous work-in-progress updates can be found here & here. If you take a look at the latter post, you can see the huge impact that backstitching makes. The pattern Reduce My Caboose was designed by Sally Townsend, and released by The New Berlin Co., in 1988.

I hope each and everyone one of you have a Happy New Year, I’ve got some changes in mind for 2015, and I’m glad you’ll be a part of it.


One Comment on “THAT TIME OF YEAR”

  1. […] I generally dedicate all of my craft time to a single large project. Occasionally, I might work on multiple small projects and shift my attention whenever I start to feel bored or guilty. But that’s […]

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