she's a threadhead


Continuing the series of Unintentional Portraits of Folks Who Inspire Me, I was lucky to find this photograph on a roll of film which was recently developed.


Untitled (Sara) – E.A. Douglas, 2013

My roommate Sara Flemington is a Canadian writer and, her influence on my life these past two years of living together has been quite significant.

I often ponder the question of nature vs. nurture. Removing the argument from my understanding of child development, I wonder how much of the person I am today is formed because of who I am predisposed to be, and the influence of inspirational people surrounding me. Sara’s work – her poetry, prose and other publishings keep me in touch with the written word. She is a regular reader at the Sophisticated Boom Boom (a late night rock n’ roll poetry reading which I help-at & manage the zine-for, here in Toronto). Sara is the person I ask when I don’t know what I should read next and I’m flattered whenever she wants my opinion on a piece. Even her morning routine of making coffee and sitting down to write for an hour has motivated me to wake up earlier and fit time for my personal pursuits into my day.

For more information on Sara’s writing, check out her blog –


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