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One of the downsides to living in a rented apartment is the lack of carpeting. While I am thankful that the floor tiles are easy to clean, it is a bummer to have cold feet all the time. So, I have started crocheting my own rug!


Based on the pattern from 1dogwoof, and supplement by the many “how-tos” on the internet, I’ve been using a 11. 5 mm (size P/16) crochet hook and recycled t-shirts, generously donated by my friends & roommates, or purchased for $1 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and Value Village.

The process is slow, as I have other projects with more significant deadlines (a.k.a Christmas) on the go, however, I am very pleased with the present state of things! The rug is currently 37 inches in diameter, and so far, I have used 27 t-shirts. I have several more on my cutting table and have a few folks that they’re putting old shirts aside for this project. Which is excellent news, as I’m hoping for the finished rug to be around six to eight feet. Have you made a recycled rug? Let me know below!


4 Comments on “BANANA FOR SCALE”

  1. Amanda Pants says:

    Very cool! Cold floors are also the bane of my existence. Never thought of old t-shirts though. It will also be incredibly easy to wash 🙂

  2. eadouglas says:

    Hey, thanks! It’ll probably need to be washed frequently – knowing my penchant for using fruit as photo props. 🙂

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