she's a threadhead


Yesterday, I finished my knitting.

There’s a sentence that has never been written on this blog before. Nearly two hundred posts in, and I can assure you I haven’t yet published those words. Why? Because I’m not a knitter. Or, wasn’t a knitter. Until now.


When you grow up the baby of a crafty family, it can be a bit hard coming into your own. Of course, I was lucky to learn a variety of techniques to make things. But, I was always just beginning to learn, and my Sister, Mother and Grandmother were so much better at it. It’s difficult learning how to translate your ideas into craft and when everyone else makes it look so easy, it can be down right defeating.

So, I didn’t knit and I didn’t crochet. I became interested in needlework and pushed the rest aside. And, the biggest complaint about needlecraft is that it takes a long time. A looong time. I currently have a piece on the go that I started in July, as well as a cross-stitch project that still needs over 20,000 stitches. I craved something to do that would be a fast project, an easy win.

Then, my friend Nikita dropped of a large bag of yarn. So, I grabbed some needles and started at it.


The yarn I used was an alpaca & merino blend, from Ontario. I casted on 24 stitches, and after each 7 rows I switched the direction of my knitting, which gave it a wave-inspired texture.

The only issue is that my “scarf” is quite short. Less than 40 inches. Thus, I’ve become quite creative in how I wear it.

PicMonkey Collage

As a kerchief?? Or a headband??

For now, I’m going back to my stitches. Maybe in the New Year I’ll really get into this knitting thing? We will just have to wait and see!


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