she's a threadhead


If you are a follower of my Instagram, you’ll recognize this recently started cross stitch piece. It’s a quick snack of a pattern, something colourful and cheerful to perk up my craftlife and keep my hands nimble.

I’m not willing to share the name of the pattern or the designer just yet, I love it when works-in-progress are built up to be a surprise!


This is the first time I’ve marked off the ten lines on a piece of needlework – an interesting development which I plan on discussing with you folks sometime in the future.

And, look at how neat the back is!

While there are quite a few threads hanging around, I like to trim them moments before the piece is framed as, I’m paranoid the stitches will unravel.

It’s feels swell to be stitching again, and to be able to share it. Comment below with your most recent work-in-progress, I’d love to check it out!


5 Comments on “WIP – CHIRP & CHEERFUL”

  1. I love the fact you’ve shown the back not the front. My mum always used to say that you should be able to tell what the design is by the back and so congratulations!

  2. […] you recognize this project, it’s because I introduced it a few weeks ago. Now that all the cross stitches are done, I wanted to share it with you again. This way, […]

  3. […] part of a kit which I purchased at a thrift store, previous work-in-progress updates can be found here & here. If you take a look at the latter post, you can see the huge impact that backstitching […]

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