she's a threadhead


I’m a midnight stroller and a treasure hunter. I can’t help but be nosy whenever I come across an abandoned pile of things on the city sidewalks. It’s the best part of Toronto summers. Writing this post from my desk, I’m surrounded by items which found their way to me – two lamps, a bookcase, numerous books and dishes, clothes, chairs, a very pretty vintage crewel piece.

On Monday I found these vintage badges in a box of garbage in the Annex. They were worth the digging.

I’m not quite sure what they’re from, but the Australian girl living on my futon told me that Rounders was a game similar to baseball that is played with a cricket bat… sounds kind of kooky.

IMG_1370I really like the yellow one, I was thinking of attaching it to the side of my backpack. I’m not sure though, because they look interesting and cohesive as a set. So, I may find a reason to keep them together. What would you do with them?


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