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Aren’t unicorns supposed to be rare?


That may be why I found this advertisement from Arts Magazine from 1980 soooo interesting. It’s hard to consider what the art world was like before the Internet. Every experience I’ve had interacting with artists and creative endeavours has included my ability to go home and Google – to compare pieces quickly, look up similar artists and click through a backlog of work. When this ad was published, that totally wasn’t possible. It may seem obvious to some, but it’s completely mind blowing when you think about it. In order to be relevant in the art world, a lot of time investigating needed to happen – magazines were probably the easiest way to stay abreast with contemporary views, and even then they’re limited and filled with advertisements.

Stealing this magazine from a friend has gifted me with a look into the art world of yesteryear, and what a crazy place it was!

As the ad says, The Unicorn cast by Colson, was priced at $475 + shipping and insurance in 1980. That’s $1, 445 these days – holy moley! If you’re interested in buying, there was not one, but two (!) of these beautiful unicorns for sale on eBay. The price was pretty steep though, so you may want to look elsewhere. Particularly since the mold was destroyed after 100 castings. 


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