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Following a two month hiatus, I was happily able to host another Starving Artist’s Soup Kitchen at the end of July. This almost-monthly event is a community-building, food-sharing, art-viewing gathering which takes place at my house. Featuring an up-and-coming Toronto artist, the goal of SASK is to provide artists and attendees with a platform for conversation, socialization & networking.

This month featured the work by my old time pal Katie Switzer, whose work has been featured on here before. She set up two pieces in the backyard, both of which combine the illusion of videos with the ethereal depth of sewn sculptures.



The evening began earlier than usual, so that guests could bask in the glorious summer sunshine. However, it began to rain early in the evening, so the art was cut short.


The “soup” of the evening was homemade pulled pork, which was quite easy with the help of a slow cooker, and a hand mixer. After eating our fill, the group decided that the best form of an after party would be a trip around the corner for ice cream.
IMG_1303I was ecstatic, because I had been searching for my favorite flavor – Tiger Tail!

IMG_1305It was delicious, and the perfect way to round out the night. Special thanks to Katie and all of the folks who came out!



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