she's a threadhead


Sometimes, I get a little bit backed up. My stomach ties in a knot and things aren’t as easy to get out as they usually are. image

With the varied responsibilities of being a good student, a good roommate, a good daughter and a good friend – it can be hard to be a good creator. Usually, I work best under pressure. I enjoy having a lot to do, keeping busy and crossing things off my lists. However, when the pressure builds to be too much, when areas of my life become stressful and tense, I seize up.

Every aspect of my life gets a little bit shittier.

That’s why I haven’t been able to be creative lately. I can’t let myself relax when there is homework and dishes to be done. I don’t take a break to stitch, or snap, or cut or paste, instead I nap. A lot. I get caught up in the little details, instead of taking the little steps.

This weekend, I reflected on why I’ve been melancholic lately and it’s because I’ve been creatively constipated. My body has been too tense to enjoy the release. Too obsessed with school to stitch. So tonight, I’m breathing deep, drinking a beer and taking a break to embroider, organize pictures, cut up some magazines and glue down some thoughts. Let me know if you have any tips for letting it all go.



  1. Corey S says:

    When I really, really need to relax, I’ll fix myself a nice cocktail, put on a good record, smoke some pot, and take a nice long bath. I can almost feel the tension melting away.

    • eadouglas says:

      Thanks Corey. Now that my school is done for a bit, we should get together to drink cocktails and listen to records soon. (None of that other stuff though!)

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