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With the return of my full-time schooling, I can already feel the crafty-glow escaping from my soul. It’s really quite unfortunate that there isn’t an employment opportunity as a Netflix-watcher, I’d be so good at it!

IMG_1280This needlework canvas I purchased over my summer break at a shop in Parkdale. It was a part of a kit, with a lot of different sections started, but none of them really finished.
IMG_1285Never before have I done needlework on a painted canvas. Normally, I develop simple geometrical patterns myself or I design a chart, and then use the counted method. My idea when buying this kit was that it would be a simple project that I could complete without a whole lot of thinking. IMG_1287Included in the kit were about forty of these bad boys – vintage Beehive tapestry wool. Despite how much I want this to be an easy canvas to work, there are so many different shades of green, blue and red that it IS getting a bit tricky. Especially after class, when I’m trying to pay attention to Mulder and Scully!


8 Comments on “WIP – PLEASANTRY”

  1. melany says:

    Hi, what is the name of this kit? I would love to buy it!

    • eadouglas says:

      Hey, so when I bought the kit it didn’t have a name. It came with all the pieces in a ziploc bag for $4. However, there was signature on the bottom of the canvas – G Boughton Smith.

      After some Googling, I’ve discovered that the canvas was hand painted by Geoff Smith, here in Toronto. I’ve sent them an email with a link to the post, hoping to find out if it was a one-off or a part of a work of multiples? I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

      Thanks for your interest! It motivated me to dig a little deeper. 🙂

      – E.A. Douglas

      • melany says:

        Thank you SO much for looking this up for me! You went above and beyond! Let me know what you can find

    • eadouglas says:

      Hey Melany,
      I’m moving and I am downsizing a lot of my craft materials. Also, I’ve decided to focus my attention on my own needlework patterns. You showed a lot of interest in this kit, do you want it? I’ll send it to you!

      Let me know,
      E.A. Douglas

      • Melany says:

        Hey! I would love to buy it but I don’t think I can pay you what it’s worth, you reallydid find a treasure lol! Let me know though how much you want for it, and I can see if i can put it in my budget!

      • eadouglas says:

        Hey, you don’t have to pay me for it! I’d be willing to part with it, if you’re willing to send me a picture of the finished project whenever you get around to it. (It could be a few years, this blog will probably still be here.) Send me a message via my Contact page with your address & I’ll mail you the whole thing. I’d rather it goes somewhere it’s getting used (and loved) then hang around my life forever.

  2. eadouglas says:

    Hi Melany,
    I received a reply!

    From Carole Smith:
    Thanks for your message, a real blast from the past! That farm scene was one of the first designs we offered shortly after moving to Toronto from Montreal in the late 1970s and beginning our needlepoint design company, Monomania.

    This particular canvas is not actually hand-painted but dates from the time we were experimenting with a heat-transfer process. It turned out not to be practical for us and so Geoff has designed and hand-painted every one of our canvases since then. But someone took really good care of that one. It certainly doesn’t look thirty years old but it is.

    The only way that design could be reproduced would be if Geoff were to paint one and we definitely couldn’t match the excellent bargain you received from The River Trading Company, with yarn included to boot.

    What I do still have is the presentation model I stitched, employing a variety of different stitches for texture and interest.

    Amazing to us it’s turned up after all these years so thank you for your interest and perseverance in tracking us down. You may be interested in our website (which could use a refresh!) and the larger selection of more recent designs and custom pieces on flickr.

    • melany says:

      That is amazing! You have a real treasure on your hands! I am going to go to the website and see what I can find. It’s amazing what you can find in resale shops though, happy stitching and thank you so much!

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