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My friends know I’m a crafter. My room is a mess. I sleep on piles of yarn. I bring my projects out for beers. So, I shouldn’t be surprised when people offer me stitchy goodness…. right? Right! My friend Sam gave me these pieces of needlework when he recycled their frames a few weeks ago.

This white floral number didn’t have any information regarding the individual who created it, but from my short investigation it appears to have developed as a kit from the 1970’s – 1980’s.


IMG_1267Personally, I prefer the colour chaos of the back to the bland motif on the front. I may reframe it to share it’s true beauty. 

IMG_1270 This needlepoint rose on a black background came with a little bit more history, as I was removing it from the frame I discovered the initials “G.L” with the date “25. 7. 81” Or, July 25th 1981! There is nothing like finding canvas work which predates your own existence. My Mother was sixteen the day that this work was framed. IMG_1271The canvas is labeled “S.E.G” and “Made in France.” A little googling revealed that it must be from SEG de Paris, a fine art needlepoint canvases which still operates today. Nifty!

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a needlepoint/embroidery “collage” of found needlework. These pieces may be the start of that project. Thoughts?


One Comment on “FLORAL HISTORY”

  1. Alana says:

    Would you be appliquéing needlework on top of needlework in this collage, or stitching it together like quilt squares?

    Also, I think you should look into stitching some photo-realistic faces/buildings for the collage. Something from your photography may suit?

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