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Anyone who has been keeping an eye on my Instagram would have seen this work-in-progress pop-up a few weeks back. Although I haven’t made significant progress on this needlepoint project since then, I still thought I would share it with you.

IMG_1252This piece of needlepoint is destined to become a double-sided cushion for my dear friend Andrew. We were sipping vino one day, discussing how funny it would be to have one of his favorite hip hop lyrics on a couch cushion. His only concern being that when his Mother came to visit, he’d have to hide it. Violà! The idea of a reversible throw pillow was born.
IMG_1254While I stand by my distaste for obviously vulgar embroidery – craft should move beyond the realm of juxtaposition between traditional techniques and contemporary content – I do find myself creating pieces involving cuss words quite often. In my defence, these stitches are almost always for friends, usually to get a laugh, and created upon request. As well, my embroidery techniques are able to stand on their own a part from the novelty of swears.
IMG_1261The yarn I am using for this project is Koigu, from Chatsworth, Ontario. The deep red is labeled as P636 42 and the cream is labeled as 0000. When doubled, this merino wool is perfect for needlepoint, and the colours are gorgeous. I’m stoked about this project, it has a lot of people talking – needlepoint is the new tattoo!


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  2. […] current piece of needlework that I’ve been lugging to and fro. Longtime readers may remember it from last summer. This canvas is going to be the front of a double-sided pillow for my pal, Andrew. I’m not […]

  3. […] I was happy to finish the first half of this pillow for my friend Andrew. It’s been a work-in-progress for YEARS and I’m really glad that I now get to shove it back into the stashbin until I get around to […]

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