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My roommate celebrated her birthday last weekend, and I gifted her this throw pillow for her bedroom. When I was in San Francisco in February, I purchased a canvas bag from the infamous City Lights. While I do support the use of reusable bags, they tend to wear out quickly and I have quite a lot laying around the house. I knew when I bought this tote that I wanted to use it for a pillow. 
The fabric which I used for the top and bottom panels is from the workroom, it has a nice metallic finish that really brings out the sheen of the City Lights’ logo.
IMG_1235With my last cushion I struggled with the finishing, so, this time I followed the simple path of using an old dress shirt for the back panel. This shirt was from the Salvation Army and cost $2.99?

Overall, I’m ridiculously happy with how this project turned out, and the most satisfying aspect was that the whole thing came together in under an hour!


One Comment on “GIFTED”

  1. […] little fellow was made on a recycled dress shirt, a scrap from the one that I used to back Sarah’s pillow last year. The stuffing that I used was also scraps. I cut up a remnant of a t-shirt used in my […]

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