she's a threadhead


blue shoesUntitled (Blue Shoes Camping) – E.A. Douglas, 2012

While away at a cottage this weekend, I found this painting and diary entry in my watercolour booklet. It’s from a camping trip in 2012. The text reads:

These are my blue Keds from last summer. I brought them with us as “camp shoes.” I got them at CTS for $12. Like all my canvas shoes this pair quickly developed a hole in the toe. I painted this while ________ made a delicious curry over the camp fire. I think he is worried about me. My depression has taken control today. To cheer myself up I painted a lovely yellow background.
“I drew 150 shoes today, it almost made me faint.”

Things were different then, I was different then. CTS is a now defunct thrift store at Queen & Spadina. The last line is a reference to Songs for Drella by Lou Reed, one of my favorite cassettes to listen to that summer. While I no longer have those shoes or that cassette, I do still have depression and lovely yellow backgrounds do continue to cheer me up.


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