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I made another badge! Badge #3. Actually, it was created a while ago for an old Toronto friend/now blogging friend. Emma commented on my last post, when I was BADGEring readers into letting me create for them. This is a part of an attempt to “Pay It Forward” with craftin’. I think it’s lovely, probably looks stellar on her backpack.

IMG_1010Small gifts like this are such a joy to make, it’s fun picking out colours, stitches and shapes – then sending it off into the world to be a statement of creativity. If you would like your own handcrafted, embroidered & plastic canvas’d badge. Feel free to leave a comment or email me your colour choices! I am hoping to create 4 more pieces for (relative) strangers and the whole wide world is welcome.


One Comment on “BADGE #3”

  1. […] You wanna know what my biggest complaint about being a dedicated threadhead is? My time is so organized with projects, I am losing the ability to be spontaneous. While these past few days I have appreciated my own dedicated to reach creative goals, I’ve also realized how bored I am. It’s a teetering balance.  This weekend I took “time off” to play around, and I think I may be making another badge. […]

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