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Since last summer, I’ve been quite partial to those over the top flower headbands which hipster ladies are rockin’ at summer festivals around the world. Who can resist brightly coloured flowers, a 90’s style headband, or channeling your inner Frida Kahlo?

After trying several selections at boutiques around Toronto, I realized that I’m not always up for being the outgoing girl that a floral statement piece requires. Also, the idea of spending $50 – $75 on one of these bad boys seems a little over the top. Thus, as any crafting gal would, I set out to create my own subtle, bloomin’ accessory.

IMG_1041My version of this floral headband was created using pastel shades of baby wool, as well as a 3.5 mm crochet hook. Over a few days I perfected the Puff Flower Stitch, by watching loads of YouTube videos repeatedly and following along with a trial-and-error method. When I had stitched enough flowers to cover my head (7) I hand-sewed the pieces together using invisible thread. Then, I machine stitched the strip of flowers to a ten-inch piece of elastic.

Fotor0505221955Ta-da! For a super quick project which took no additional resources than what I had at home, I am super pleased with the result. I have yet to wear it out on the town, but as soon as park season hits, it’s on!



6 Comments on “FLOWER CHILD”

  1. Stitch Boom Bang says:

    Love it.

  2. leslieorama says:

    It looks great. What an inspiration you are!

  3. […] cover, gifts for my family AND my first commission – make & share nine collages – crochet a flower headband… – & a rug (which is currently being blocked in the laundry room!!) – collaborate […]

  4. […] I used colourful yarn, also used for my flowered headband, to fill in the letters and the crescent moon, because this baby yarn is so thin, I had to use to […]

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