she's a threadhead


Last night I had the astounding pleasure of viewing an intimate show of one of the coolest musicians I’ve ever seen, Clara Venice, a one-girl multi-instrument band who plays the theremin. While she only played a few songs, it was one of the sugary-sweetest performances I’ve seen in a while.

As any city-slicker knows, once you confirm plans you immediately have a case of fear-of-missing-out (fomo, apparently) and I was bummed when I realized I couldn’t attend the opening for Carrier Arts Organization new show Objects with Subjects. Toronto folk, if you’re in the west end this weekend swing by their set up. This group of kids have yet to disappoint!

Finally, as Spring seems to be creeping up slowly, with Summer potentially quick on it’s heels, I’ve been thoroughly delighted with Style Bubble‘s photo exposé of K2TOG’s latest collection of brightly stitched knit wear. I’m not one for bright colours or knitting, but these pictures have inspired me to start tinkering!

Have a great weekend.


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