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Here is a project that has been on my to do list for quite some time, and it feels delightful to finally be crossing it off.

About a year ago I took a course at the Knit Cafe for needlepoint. Being an avid embroider, the class was a strong introduction for translating my favorite techniques onto a new medium. After a month or so I had completed the needlepoint and up until this week it sat in my craft caddy waiting for attention.

IMG_1035A few hours after finishing my last exam, I was drafting the pattern for this throw pillow. The front white cloth is from a recycled dress shirt that had experienced too many coffee related accidents to be saved and I designed a sort-of patchwork front piece to cover the entire cushion.

IMG_1034The other side is a pretty floral fabric which I purchased from Ewe Knit, a cute little store in Mirvish Village. The fat quarter was just enough to create a envelope-style opening, and I love the continuing theme of orange and gray. The pillow is quite bulgy around the tush, but I’m hoping that will be squashed out with use.

While I’m not really one for machine sewing, I did enjoy how fast everything came together, I just don’t have the patience (or the table space!) to draft proper patterns. Transforming the needlework from a piece of textile to a useful throw pillow was super fun and I’m glad to finally be crafting for myself.


2 Comments on “TRANSFORMATION”

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