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I’m not normally one to post work-in-progress pieces, however, school has become quite hectic and I’m not getting as much stitching as done as I’d like to. IMG_1015This sleeve is the current project I’ve been playing around with, the denim jacket has been my constant travel companion for the last year, and I wanted to “tattoo” the names of the cities we’ve been to. Starting with Toronto – my hometown, the list colourfully descends with London, Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, from my Euro-Adventure last summer. All that is left is my most recent trip to San Francisco.

This my first time using waste-canvas and the project has had a small learning curve, on top of that, my four-inch embroidery hoop snapped. So I’ve been free-handing it, which results in delightfully wonky letters. IMG_1018


2 Comments on “WIP – TRAVELOGUE”

  1. Ramona Ivan says:

    Loving this! Great design :0)

  2. […] time ago I finished embroidering the aforementioned sleeve of my denim […]

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