she's a threadhead


Yesterday was a flurry of academic-related guilt and a six-hour zine meeting. While the latter was more productive than the former, both are incredibly important right now. Why is it so hard to balance your hobbies with your responsibilities?

On Wednesday, I treated myself to a book from the World’s Biggest Bookstore. It’s closing on March 30th, so if you live in Toronto and would like to experience 50% off everything in the store – go this week! However, be advised, it is incredibly picked over. And yet, I was able to find this inspiring publication. Vintage Crafts by Clara LidströmNormally, I loathe these kind of “I’m crafty with a pretty house” books. But, Clara’s photography is all her own… and while her projects aren’t overly pioneering, they are inspiring enough to get your fingers twitching and your mind motivated.

She also has a blog… so go and check it out!

Now, I’m going to go and put this book back on the shelf, and crack a few textbooks instead.

Have a happy weekend!


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