she's a threadhead


I am a pretty lucky girl.

Yesterday, I was able to see Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel at a sneak-peak preview with my favorite Wes Anderson fan, Rebeccah. It was a delightful film! If you get a chance go and see it, as it will make you laugh and fill your eyes with inspiration. 

Another inspiration which I’d like to fill your eyes with is the work of Lou Loeber.

It Rained - Lou Loeber

It Rained – Lou Loeber

Starling Choir – Lou Loeber

She was a socialist Dutch painter in the active from the 1910’s to the 1940’s. Her work can be viewed at both the Singer Laren or the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in the Netherlands. I’ve never been to Holland, however when I go seeing these works are high on the list.

That Sunbeam – Lou Loeber

Have a great weekend! 



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