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After posting quite a bit of photography, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about my camera. IMG_0927I have a deep love for my Tele-Instamatic, a Kodak camera made in the 70’s. I got it for $5 at the Trinity-Bellwoods Yard Sale last summer.

– small size, fits in my handbag
– has two settings norm/tele 
– does not take batteries
– uses a smaller sized film (110) which produces smaller sized prints
– is unique

Lomography is the only company which currently produces 110 film
– I’m terrified they’re going to discontinue it
– only a few places in Toronto develop the film
– pretty much no one will scan the film
– only takes pictures outside – do own a flash but not the clip to hold it in place

I’ve dealt with a few of the bad things by hoarding a lot of 110 film and coercing people into developing it. This camera really makes me happy, even if I do get called a hipster.

Scan 34

Lomography 110 film//Tele-Instamatic


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