she's a threadhead


I’m sorry for the sham of a post yesterday, the lighting in the kitchen was terrible and I could not manage an adequate shot of the stitchery.

So here we go:
IMG_0924Homewords – E.A. Douglas, 2014

This work was inspired by a cramped up winter with eight roommates. Everyone is grumpy as ever and doing their best to piss each other off. It’s beginning to resemble my idea of Hell.

The foundation for this needlework is a recycled chair back, which came into my life after someone mashed a porch chair into bits after a disappointing New Years Eve. I must admit that I encouraged it.

My favorite part of this piece is the stitch –
IMG_0922After realizing that the standard cross stitch would not cover enough of the weave, I developed this elaborate woven stitch. It took a few rounds of trial and error, but I adore the way it turned out.


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