she's a threadhead


thread jar - januaryIn a new experiment in documentation and agglomeration, I will be participating in It’s Daffycat‘s Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long. Essentially, over the next eleven months I will be stashing the bits of thread that usually attach to my clothes and storing them in a jar on the windowsill. Updates will be made with the rising of each new moon, and above is my first entry.

Another experiment that is gathering momentum is a new zine that I’ve been helping out with. An offshoot of a monthly poetry event, the 1st edition of The Sophisticated Boom Boom Zine is theme-free and bound to be an unusual collection of things. We’re taking literally everything: poems/ photos/ rants/ articles/ somethings/ anythings. Submissions are open until Feb. 19th and we can be reached at:

Finally, I came across two superb collage artists this week. Both of whom I found on Etsy – Vivienne Strauss & the elusive, Dadadreams. Check ’em out!


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