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On Sunday night I was able to accomplish a long-standing goal of mine: bring people together with food & art. Known officially as The Starving Artists’ Soup Kitchen twenty or so people gathered in my basement, for large pots of vegan soup & carnivore chili, and to watch 16mm films that Emily Waknine put together.

It was a radical, community-building time and the next gathering is already in the works.

In other news, anyone in London these days should for sure, for sure check out this Hannah Höch exhibit sooner-rather-than-later. Anyone not in London should at least check out the promotional video, its exceptionally inspiring!


2 Comments on “STARVING ARTISTS”

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  2. […] Sunday marked the victorious return of the Starving Artist Soup Kitchen. I’ve been doing these dinner parties on and off over the past year, and I was very excited […]

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