she's a threadhead


Sometimes, I’m not perfect. Sometimes, I have a big idea and I jump a head. Sometimes, I spend hours working on something and it all comes to naught.


This is a passport cover I made prior my European travels. Isn’t it pretty? Wouldn’t it have been lovely to flash at all of the border patrol?


Alas, in my haste to get the stitch work done in time I didn’t accurately measure the size of my passport. The night prior my departure I bought a passport case and painted some stripes on it, it was not at all pretty.

I’ve stored this piece of stitchery in my craft cubby, for a day when I’m feeling particularly inspired. Maybe a pattern like this?



  1. I think maybe you either needed to leave more negative sapce between the dots or to fill the canvas completely.

  2. ah, I misunderstoof -you could make it big enough for your passport by re-setting it into a wider border

  3. eadouglas says:

    I could cut out the stitching and sew it onto another piece, however I’d rather just scrap this and try again later – with patience!

  4. […] may remember that prior my European trip last August, I attempted to design a passport case – an endeavour which failed miserably. Well, I tried again and this time it worked! It was my goal to complete a handmade cover for my […]

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