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At the end of this month, it will have been a year since I moved into my current house. For anyone who doesn’t know, housing in Toronto can get kind of crazy. I currently have two friends looking for a place and I believe they’re both ready to swap their first born children for a clean, reasonably sized, reasonably priced apartment. My current space is reasonably priced, reasonably sized and is occasionally clean (although not recently) and I’m really in quite in love with it.

One of the greatest/worst parts about my house is that I have eight roommates. Yes, 8 – one of them is watching Jurassic Park 2 on the couch beside me as I write this. It’s a long story, essentially the landlord has cut us a deal and as long as we can keep all the rooms occupied our rent is cheap, so we have eight people, three kitchens, two bathrooms in one house. Managing social relationships with 8 people can be challenging, but for the most part it’s really fun.

The other great thing about this house is the mishmash of housing supplies used to keep the structure intact. See above, these six tiles are spread out around the house. The different colours, patterns and styles lend to a certain eccentric quality to that house that cheer me up and inspire me whenever I walk it’s floors.



One Comment on “TILE TALK”

  1. […] of the downsides to living in a rented apartment is the lack of carpeting. While I am thankful that the floor tiles are easy to clean, it is a bummer to have cold feet all the time. So, I have started crocheting my […]

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